San Marcos Glass-Bottom Boats

My fiancée and I recently went to a glass-bottom boat tour on the San Marcos River. It was great to learn more about the local river life, aquifers, and the fault line that separates the flat central Texas central plain and the hill country to the west. Looking down through the glass bottom we could see the different kinds of fish and water bubbling up from underground sources feeding the spring. There were fish waiting at the exits of these under water spring sources to catch anything edible that might’ve gotten swept up in the current. We learned that there used to be an underwater pig and mermaid show there up until the 50’s (missed it by about 60 years unfortunately), and we were also told that people have inhabited the area for the better part of the last 10,000 years. Because of the last few years of drought in central Texas there is less wildlife in the streams and springs at present, but we still saw plenty of different kinds of fish and turtles. It was only a thirty minute tour, which goes by in a flash. But I highly enjoyed it just as I do anything that has to do with nature. Here are few snapshots looking through the boat bottom. San Marcos glass-bottom boat San Marcos glass-bottom boat San Marcos glass-bottom boat

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