Danza Indígena

A dance began. Deep drumming amplified by our approach. A huge circle of indigenous in front of the Neo-Gothic cathedral. A statement I reckon:

– Your religious icon still stands but so do we. Here we are and we dance in defiance. We’ve survived you…

I sat, watching the rotations. This way and that. Each dancer so beautifully expressive through their dress.

The chief, large in stature with commanding presence. Contemplative.

The warrior, strong and angular. Stark features for a stark world. Mindful of the world’s ancient violence.

The shaman, powerful. In touch with the other side. He knows what happens when death comes. He’s been there before.

As the others circle one way, he goes against the wave. He stops while they continue. He observes. He is outside them and outside himself.

They all stop to shout their cry in unison. Survivors.

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