Redpath Museum Montreal

I peered outside, saw it was raining and geared up. Umbrella, windbreaker and a rainfly over backpack. I returned to Nouveau System, my diner of choice near my host Sophie’s apartment on Beaubien. A plate with two eggs, potatoes, beans, fruit, bacon and coffee for $6.50 Canadian.

Musee Redpath

I took metro and walked to the Redpath museum. I chose the Redpath museum because it was the only one open on a Monday. Situated on the McNeil campus, it’s a small but tightly-packed collection. A T-Rex skeleton, a collection of humanoid skulls, and two mummies were the highlights of the musuem for me. I noticed in the hominid section that scientists have added a new oldest hominid. I thought Australopithecus was the oldest but an older one was discovered. I don’t recall the name. Walking on the second floor of the museum I noticed a shrunken head. It reminded me of the film Beetelgeuse, when he gets his head shrunken in the afterlife waiting room at the end. I learned invaluable information. You know how you can tell at real shrunken head from a fake? It must have long, straight hair, a special wire through lips, pursed lips, and nose and ear hair. Unfortunately, no information was divulged as to the head-shrinking process. Some people have made fake shrunken heads using small monkeys, how rude. Needing to discern fakes implies that people buy shrunken heads…

I went to meet with another Quebecoise friend I also met in Asia. I was on my way to her address, exiting the metro when I spotted her walking up the stairs. I shouted “Gabrielle”, and she did that half-sideways glance that said – “oh geez what creep is hollering at me?” before she recognized me. At her apartment, she, her boyfriend Josh, and roommate made a nice dinner. They were gracious hosts. It was awesome to hang out with people who live in Montreal. It was homey chillin’ with them and I felt a lot less like a tourist. Afterwards we stopped into a local taverne for a beer before parting ways.

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