Guatapé Colombia by Motorcycle

The story of Guatapé Colombia by Motorcycle. First some backstory…

Shortly after I got back from Montreal, Quebec Canada, my friend and fellow traveler Sundal Roy paid me a visit in Austin. It was great hosting someone I met back during my year-long travels throughout Southeast Asia. She stayed a week and then headed on to Colombia for a Ayahuasca ceremony. As soon as she was gone, I was missing her presence, and itching to get out of the States again. 

And so a week later I had bought a ticket to Medellin to meet her. We were only in Medellin a couple days before we decided to get out of the big city. I rented a motorcycle and we headed to a little town called Guatapé about two hours away. We had rode around having adventures on motorcycles since back in Vietnam, again in Austin and now in Colombia. I had heard that it was a beautiful spot, lake country with lush green hills and plenty of relaxation to be had. The reports didn’t do the region justice. 

Rolling in on the motorcycle was top notch. The roads a good quality. We snaked up and down through the small hills and valleys until we reached Guatapé. We found our hotel that we procured on Airbnb, and nice room with lots of light. 

The next several days were very much the same. We took rides to smaller neighboring towns San Rafael and the several spots to swim around that town. One area had a nice waterfall and we jumped off a rock into the churning water below. What was supposed to be a 2-day stay in Guatapé turned out to be 5. It was that relaxing. One afternoon we scaled Piedra el Peñol, a black rock of which no one knows the origin. It is the third biggest in world behind Pao de Azucar in Rio de Janeiro and another in Uruguay. I spoke to an older gentleman who like me, suggested it was not of this planet. We rented a little foot-paddle boat and toured the lakes. We hired a boat to take us to one of Pablo Escobar’s getaway houses, which had been bombed after his death by the government and members of rival organized crime groups. 

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