Redpath Museum Montreal

I peered outside, saw it was raining and geared up. Umbrella, windbreaker and a rainfly over backpack. I returned to Nouveau System, my diner of choice near my host Sophie’s apartment on Beaubien. A plate with two eggs, potatoes, beans, fruit, bacon and coffee for $6.50 Canadian. I took metro and walked to the Redpath […]

Mile End, Montreal

Best mural in Mile End

My first day in Montreal. Sophie, my gracious host whom I met in Laos, showed me around the cool parts of town, especially Mile End. We ate at a homey, inexpensive diner with badass breakfast near her house on Beaubien. We meandered around the chic neighborhood Mile End, walking and talking. Found ourselves a free […]

Twisted Sisters Ride

Ranch Roads 335, 336, and 337, known as the Twisted Sisters Ride, or Three Sisters. These three Ranch Roads offer some of the finest curves to run a motorcycle through in the state. Ever since I heard about this ride I’ve been wanting to go. It’s about 3 hours southwest of where I live in […]

Honk! TX

How refreshing to have a second line in Austin. I don’t visit my former home New Orleans as often as I’d like. We walked, they made music. We would cross the street en masse. The large crowd only getting halfway through the crosswalk before the light would turn green. Yuppies in fancy cars fuming that […]


En route, the autobus twisting a curving through the hills. Dust swirling in all open windows, dancing in rays of sunlight gleaming in from open roof hatch. Passage through dark stone tunnels. Arrival in a new town nestled in the crevice of the dry hills. Even weather. Monolith cathedrals a stones-throw distance from one another. […]

San Miguel de Allende

New town. New energy to meld with. Just as we’re wont to do, we found the location of our Airbnb pad, dropped bags, and hit the streets. Professional street-hitters in action. Our place was at the downhill end of a pasillo artesanal. First impressions of a beautiful town. Cobblestone streets and cathedrals galore. Warm rustic […]

Danza Indígena

A dance began. Deep drumming amplified by our approach. A huge circle of indigenous in front of the Neo-Gothic cathedral. A statement I reckon: – Your religious icon still stands but so do we. Here we are and we dance in defiance. We’ve survived you… I sat, watching the rotations. This way and that. Each […]