Séjour in Vila Velha

  Where am I now? What am I up to? As of late I’ve been living in Vila Velha, Espirito Santo Brazil for more than a month. After several months of bouncing around in Asia, it feels great to have some roots, to unpack my backpack for longer than a week. I have a small […]

Lapa, Rio de Janeiro

Me on the steps at Lapa, Rio de Janeiro’s party district. On Fridays people from all over the city, even the far away Favelas, come to drink and dance at the many bars and clubs that line Lapa’s main strip, where party doesn’t start til well past 11:00pm. Getting there is easy, from the western […]


        Small colonial town. Very beautiful white washed buildings distinguished only by differences in border colors. The streets of this town, are as most colonial towns in South America, are cobble-stone, more like hobble-stone. The streets were made with nice size boulders which you have to be mindful of while walking through the streets so […]

Trancoso, Bahia

Troncoso. When you’re arriving it looks like so many other Brazilian small towns, the dusty, uneven roads, lined on either side by small shops, pizzerias and churrascarias. It’s when you arrive at the ‘cuadro’, a vehicle free section of the town that includes the old, white, Portuguese mission style church, a large extent of green […]

Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro

        Ilha Grande has an interesting history. First a pirate’s lair, then a leper colony, followed by a prison with Brazil’s worst, and finally a sleepy fishing village which nowadays also attracts tourists making their way out of Rio to the east.  The town is vehicle free except for, according to Lonely Planet, a police […]

Rio de Janeiro

Unquestionably a great country.  Friendly laid back people.  Exquisite jungle countryside. The trip started with Rio de Janeiro, then on to Ilha Grande, Paraty, Trinidad, Sao Paulo, by plane off to Bahia state which included the capital Salvador, plus smaller beach towns Itacaré, Arraial d’Ajuda, and Troncoso before heading back to Rio de Janeiro. Some […]