Mcloed Ganj – Dharamshala

In Mcloed Ganj I found the spiritual vibe I had hoped to find in SE Asia. Home to the Dalai Lama and some 80,000 Tibetan refugees, this town at the base of the Himalayas is easily one of my favorite places I’ve been this trip. The green, steep mountains with the fog constantly rolling up […]

Angkor Wat?

    I finally got around to seeing Angkor Wat. Whilst back in Bangkok recently, unsure of where to go, and honestly a little tired of being in SE Asia, I decided that it would be a shame if I didn’t see Angkor Wat before leaving. In Bangkok I found a barbershop that also sold bus tickets […]

Bangkok part 2 & 3

During my final couple days in Hanoi, the overwhelming sensation that I had spent quite enough time in Vietnam came over me. The very next day I caught a flight back to Bangkok. My lady from Brazil was also there awaiting her flight home a few days later. The first time I was in Bangkok I […]

Wat Pha Tam Wua, The Forest Monastery

  I heard about the Forest Monastery from my Slovenian friends I met in Chiang Mai. Having done Vipassana Meditation before, I definitely wanted to do a retreat here in Southeast Asia. And so, whilst in Pai, I caught a bus going to Mae Hong Son and told the driver to drop me off at Wat Pha Tam […]


This evening, and for the last few weeks I’ve been meeting up with a Meditation group that holds sessions in a martial arts studio on Magazine Street. It’s a small group of about 4 to 8 people of various ages and backgrounds. We usually start by meditating for a few minutes then we have some […]


        I just finished meditating and feel the time is fitting to relate an experience I had at a Vipassana  Meditation retreat in April of 2011. I find my experiences with Vipassana Meditation constructive for travelers in that: it can be difficult to feel rested on the road because planes, trains, and automobiles usually are […]