Laxman Jhula/Rishikesh

Laxman Jhula, next to Rishikesh in Uttarakand. I happened to be there during a nationwide Shiva festival. There were droves of young men from neighboring villages and some from all corners of India crossing the bridge from Rishikesh to Laxman Jhula every minute. They all walked through the main street to a holy site a few […]

Hanuman Sak Yant

One of my very last days in Thailand before going to India I made a decision. I decided to get my second Sak Yant (traditional Thai tattoo) from Master Arjan Pi Bang Kating. I love many aspects of Sak Yant: The tradition and history of it, the spiritual energy and magic it possesses/endows, and the artistic […]

Angkor Wat?

    I finally got around to seeing Angkor Wat. Whilst back in Bangkok recently, unsure of where to go, and honestly a little tired of being in SE Asia, I decided that it would be a shame if I didn’t see Angkor Wat before leaving. In Bangkok I found a barbershop that also sold bus tickets […]