New Year’s in Tad Lo

April 14th was Lao New Year. We are now in the year 2558. I had one of my best experiences of the last couple months on the road. It started in Pakse. I arrived in a really bad mood. It started raining as I rode my motorbike into town. Google Maps led me to a bridge that […]

Paksan, Thaekek & Savannakhet

I was having trouble deciding where I should enter Vietnam on the 18th. Finally, I decided to ride south. In central Laos I had a series of one-night stays in the towns Paksan, Thaekek, and Savannakhet. Paksan is a small, quiet town by the Mekong. On the other side you can see Thailand. The first […]


Check out my timelapse of the city below (manually set at higher def): I enjoy relaxed cities like Vientiane. The city has a nice mélange of French colonial and SE Asian architecture. I spent my time walking around the night-market and having drinks with friends at the rooftop bar. One afternoon we went to the public swimming pool […]

Vang Vieng

Driving into Vang Vieng I found the landscape breathtaking. The countryside is dotted with luscious green hills. High cliffs tower like skyscrapers. The mountains get so high that at one point we stopped and found ourselves in a cloud. We got out for a bit and I breathed in the refreshing mist. It’s a bit surreal being in […]