Sick in Mae Hong Son

  The day I left the Forest Monastery and hitchhiked to Mae Hong Son, my stomach started hurting. Luckily, I got all the way there before I came down with full blown gastroenteritis (yup…stupid ass stomach flu). That being said, I didn’t see a lot of Mae Hong Son. Though, I can tell you this: 1)      There […]

Wat Pha Tam Wua, The Forest Monastery

  I heard about the Forest Monastery from my Slovenian friends I met in Chiang Mai. Having done Vipassana Meditation before, I definitely wanted to do a retreat here in Southeast Asia. And so, whilst in Pai, I caught a bus going to Mae Hong Son and told the driver to drop me off at Wat Pha Tam […]

Tham Lod Caverns

My first day in Pai, once again, I rented a motorbike. I went back to my hostel, Pai Circus School, with my new motorbike pondering what to do next. I heard a guy (who I soon learned was Steve from Toronto) giving two girls directions on where to see some elephants and a Jack Sparrow […]