Tulane Mummies

Yesterday I took my ESL class on a small field trip to Tulane University where they were giving a lecture about two Egyptian mummies that were donated to the university. During the lecture we were told that they were donated by a man who bought them in the 1850’s to complement his traveling side show. […]

Smells in Uptown

I was walking and biking around different areas of New Orleans; the Garden District, the Irish Channel, Uptown, the French quarter. I kept smelling the sweetest smell in the air that would disappear shortly after I would stop to try to find its source. I knew it had to be a plant, so after a […]

History of the French Quarter

More interesting tidbits I learned about New Orleans on a walking tour of the city. New Orleans, like many colonies, i.e. Australia, Florida, plus others I’m sure, was populated by ex-cons and prostitutes early in its history. When the colony founders asked for more fellow colonists, King Louis opened the jails and freed the poor […]