Hanuman Sak Yant

One of my very last days in Thailand before going to India I made a decision. I decided to get my second Sak Yant (traditional Thai tattoo) from Master Arjan Pi Bang Kating. I love many aspects of Sak Yant: The tradition and history of it, the spiritual energy and magic it possesses/endows, and the artistic […]

Inked at Bom Tattoo, Da Nang

Yesterday I got a tattoo here in Da Nang, Vietnam. I’ve always had an affinity for skeletons and particularly Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) art. The Day of the Dead takes place the 2nd of November. People get together to celebrate the lives of family and friends that have died. They leave sugar skulls, flowers, and the […]

Sak Yant

        Ever since I heard of Sak Yant, I wanted to get one done. Sak Yant is a tattoo done with a long metal or bamboo stick rather than a tattoo gun/machine. Each sak contains a yantra in Khmer that gives the bearer of the sak different attributes (ex. fortune or protection against bodily harm). […]