Learning French

  In two weeks I will have passed the 5 month mark of me being in France. Living here has been an experience that will definitely shape my outlook on life just like all my travels have (which is one of the reason’s I’m so addicted to travel!). One of the biggest things defining my […]

Language Learning part 1

This is the start of a series of posts on language learning. There are currently around 6,000 languages spoken in the world. I’m kind of a linguistics nerd. I like pondering the connection with the mind and perception, how languages change over time, as well as the fun stuff like vernaculars, accents, slangs and colloquialisms. […]

Stuck in LAX

Last weekend I was on my way to Phoenix to attend my cousin’s wedding. I was flying standby as I always do, which I have previously written about here . This is a story about how I didn’t follow my own advice and realized just how good it really is. I made the mistake of […]

Sleeping in Airports

WHY? I’ve slept in a number of airports including Phoenix, Boston, Basel, Houston, and Frankfurt to name a few. Sleeping in an airport wouldn’t be my first choice but I’m usually traveling on a budget and once in a while it just makes sense to get a free night’s stay and save some money instead […]