New Orleans architecture

My year stint in New Orleans is over. I am currently back in Texas living out of my suitcase until I can move to the outskirts of Paris next month. I think it’s a great time to recap one of my favorite aspects of New Orleans… the architecture. From the houses on St. Charles in […]

Audubon Park

I love Audubon Park in Uptown N’awlins. It’s my kind of park. Century-old oak trees are scattered throughout. They stand knarled and twisted with Spanish moss hanging from their limbs giving them an eerie look. The park has a pond in the center with several ducks that are glad to take your hardened old bread […]

Uptown walks and horses

One of my favourite things to do in my area of New Orleans is take walks at night. Biking’s okay but you really get to see a lot more on foot. Going for walks in Uptown is nice because of all the old New Orleans houses. Each house is so different. I also like the […]

Mardi Gras

In New Orleans people walk around saying “Happy Mardi Gras” just like you would say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Halloween!” Festive just doesn’t capture what Mardi Gras is. Mardi Gras is fun, its festive, its debauchery, and its millions of pounds of plastic that people go crazy for that will later end up in landfills. […]

A Midsummer’s Night Parade

Starting on Oak St., only a few blocks from where I live there was a parade. I could definitely get used to this. A few hundred people all dressed up as fairies, devils, R2D2 (renamed ‘Bar2 D2’ lol), Angler Fish, various animals, angles, demons, and a whole array of characters I can’t recall. My favorite […]