Cat Ba Island & Lan Ha Bay

The same morning that we arrived in Hanoi after taking the overnight bus from Ha Giang near the Chinese border, my friend and I caught a bus to Cat Ba Island near Ha Long Bay. The guide said that the town on Cat Ba wasn’t pleasing to the eye, but I have to disagree. It’s […]

Sa Pa

  From Hanoi, I took a 10-hour ride with a fellow motorbike traveler to Lao Cai, close to the Chinese border. After a night there to rest, we headed up the misty mountain to Sa Pa. Once we arrived in town, I knew this place would be one of the highlights of this trip. First off, […]


My time in Hanoi has two parts. The first time I was there was for four days… Upon arriving, my motorbike buzzing along after the short ride from Ninh Binh, I noticed two things: I liked the vibe of the city, and the traffic was crazy. I weaved in and out, between and around the […]

Phong Nha National Park

Enter Phong Nha National Park, a breathtakingly beautiful place. I did a 60 km loop on my motorbike through a section of the park. I found it so serene, so full of life. I got lost in those cliffs, weaving about while forcing myself to pay a little more attention to the road so as not to […]


My time in Hue was bittersweet. I made the mistake of staying at another backpacker hostel when I was needing some alone time and should’ve gotten myself a private room. I did really enjoy the city though. To get away from the monotony of the backpacker scene, I took many walks and mini-excursions by myself. My […]

Da Nang

  After Hoi An, I took a ride 30 km up the coastline to Da Nang. I know most travelers skip it, but in my experience all the cities that other backpackers say are lame, I enjoy… Compared to old historical Hoi An, Da Nang has the air of an up-and-coming boom town. With its tall […]

Hoi An

Yesterday was my 9th day in Hoi An. It is officially the city I have spent the most time in in SE Asia after almost 3 months of travel. It is a beautiful town and I met some great peeps there. My first four days in town were rather stressful. First of all, Frankie (my […]

Dao Ly Son and Dao Be

Yesterday morning I left Ly Son Island. How did I find said Island?  I found it by accident. I was searching google images of Quang Ngai, when I saw a picture of a beach. I knew there were no beaches in Quang Ngai, so I clicked on the image and found out that it was […]