Motorcycle Meditation

Today I had an amazing ride. It was the kind of ride that put a smile on my face and encapsulated everything I love about riding motorcycles. I don’t know if the reasons why I love it are universal to other riders. I know a lot of people only ride on the weekends and view their bike […]

Wat Pha Tam Wua, The Forest Monastery

  I heard about the Forest Monastery from my Slovenian friends I met in Chiang Mai. Having done Vipassana Meditation before, I definitely wanted to do a retreat here in Southeast Asia. And so, whilst in Pai, I caught a bus going to Mae Hong Son and told the driver to drop me off at Wat Pha Tam […]


        I just finished meditating and feel the time is fitting to relate an experience I had at a Vipassana  Meditation retreat in April of 2011. I find my experiences with Vipassana Meditation constructive for travelers in that: it can be difficult to feel rested on the road because planes, trains, and automobiles usually are […]